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The purpose of the Foundation is to bridge the gap between the business and education communities to improve the Greater New Orleans Area and surrounding parishes’ education system and ensure a capable workforce to encourage economic development.

The Chamber Foundation is operated by a Board of Directors and is a 501(c)3 non-profit. With this status, the organization can be a tax-deductible conduit for which funding from federal and state grants, as well as charitable donations can flow through to fulfill the purpose of the organization.

About the School

JCFA was started by the Jefferson Chamber Foundation with the support of the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce. It is modeled after Lafayette Charter High School in Lafayette, which since opening in 1998 has graduated more than 600 students who were thought to be potential drop-outs.

The Academy is governed by the Jefferson Chamber Foundation Academy Board of Governance. The Board brings together a variety of stakeholders from the local community, and uses the Mission and Vision to develop policies, practices, and values for the Academy.


The Jefferson Chamber Foundation Academy’s mission is to provide a learning environment that allows our students to develop their potential; to prepare our students for post-secondary education and/or the work force; and collaborate with community agencies, organizations, and institutions to meet our students’ needs.


  • All students, especially at-risk students, are capable of excelling academically when given the support services they need to focus on their academic goals.
  • Provide an innovative education for students who are unable to function successfully in a traditional high school and allow students to achieve at their own pace.
  • Academic success should not be limited to what is taught in a classroom, but must encourage and include life experiences and hands-on learning to help develop the whole student.
  • Relevance and rigor must exist in practice as well as in policy and should include academic ideas as well as personal practices.
  • Education is not a point in time but a continued journey that requires access, support, and commitment.
  • Focus on individual needs to create success one student at a time.
  • The transition between secondary education and post-secondary education, training, and employment must be streamlined through partnerships between education and business.
  • Focus on individual needs and create success one student at a time.
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